Day Three - Challenging Conditions

Day three of India International Regatta bore oscillating winds and conditions ripe for the lighter sailors .

Day-3 at IIR was jam-packed with new energies with wind oscillating around 25 to 30 degree North to North East keeping the participants mind and thoughts surfing throughout the day. After a good check on the weather about steady wind and course laid fittingly by the Race Committee team, the series of races commenced. With a decent lead in the Laser Radial class, Vishnu Saravanan managed to maintain his position on top even though the Canadian opponent secured two guns (first positions) out of three. “I understood the wind better and everything became more coherent,” said Tayte Stefaniuk, shortly after he won two back-to-back races.

The 420 Class had its final results declared as they finished all the races of the series. In the Optimist Class, where the level of fierce competition is witnessed the most due to its larger number of participants, the Jury on and off water was kept busy with the proceedings. A few sailors were given yellow flag at the start line while a few more on other buoys of the course.

The Laser 4.7 Class saw some major changes from top, middle and lower half of the table with performances of sailors being effected with light wind conditions prevailing in all three of their races. A long list of protests taken by the finish line after every race requested the Jury to have two panels for the commencement and settlement of the same.

Participants in the top 10 positions now gear up for the Olympic format Final Day Medal race tomorrow within the harbour, in full view of all the spectators, with good wind conditions expected. Other sailors not going for the races with cheers for their club members and fellow compatriots who compete in the neck to neck action on hand.

IIR 2017 Day 3 Results:


  1. Ramadin Tito, Indonesia
  2. Alexander Baudin, Sweden
  3. Erra Durga Prasad, India

 Optimist Novice

  1. B Sachin, IND
  2. P Vishwanath, ID
  3. Aaryan Anand, IND

 Laser 4.7

  1. Harshita Tomar, IND
  2. Samsuardi, Indonesia
  3. Chitresh, Indonesia

Laser Radial

  1. Vishnu Saravanan, IND
  2. Tayte Stefaniuk, Canada
  3. Govind Bairagi, IND


  1. Ananya Chouhan & Vishnu Sujeesh, IND
  2. Barath S & Abhishey Pandey, IND
  3. Punit Kumar & Amit Sahoo, IND


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