Day Two - Steady Even Conditions

The second day of racing at the India International Regatta 2017 saw winds between 9 and 12 knots coming from a steady North/North East direction.


But there was nothing steady about the finishing positions of the three races with the sole exception of Harshita Tomar of India who was the stand out sailor of the day with 3 first place finishes, in the Laser 4.7 category. However, it is Vishnu Saravanan who has been the star sailor of the event so far, having cemented his place on the top with a massive 9 point lead over the 2nd place sailor, who coincidentally happens to be his sister, Ramya.


In the optimist fleet, last year’s winner, Ramadin Tito worked his way back to the top with a couple of podium finishes. However, the highlight of the day would definitely be the first general recall of the IIR 2017, that culminated in a cloud of Laser 4.7 and Optimist boats finishing side-by-side, much akin to bees drawn to honey. Much credit must therefore go to the officials on the finish boat who noted down the split-second finishes with microscopic detail.


All in all, an action-packed day, with nail-biting finishes, spectacular rescues and the competitive spirit that embodies IIR 2017. Stay tuned for more to come your way from day 3!


​IIR 2017 Day 2 Results:



  1. Ramadin Tito, Indonesia
  2. Alexander Baudin, Sweden
  3. E Durga Prasad, India

 Optimist Novice

 B Sachin, IND

  1. P Vishwanath, ID
  2. Aaryan Anand, IND

 Laser 4.7

  1. Harshita Tomar, IND
  2. Samsuardi, Indonesia
  3. Roger Wardojo, Indonesia

Laser Radial


  1. Vishnu Saravanan, IND
  2. Ramya Saravanan, IND
  3. Tayte Stefaniuk, Canada


  1. Ananya Chouhan & Vishnu Sujeesh, IND
  2. Barath S & Abhishey Pandey, IND
  3. Punit Kumar & Amit Sahoo, IND

Complete results may be found here.



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